Good Time Old-Time is an album of old-time tunes with my favorite friends to jam with. We recorded this album on December 30, 2019 on the deck of Joanne and Rick Davidson’s home in North Carolina. Every person on this recording is a friend and I am so lucky to know such wonderful and fun people. This album features Thom Worm, banjo, Travis Stuart, banjo, Kevin Samuels, Guitar, Adam Smith, washtub bass, and Joanne Davidson, bass. (I had several people caution me about 2 banjos, but I’m not afriaid. I love that sound and I hope you will too!) I met each of these folks along the way at festivals and camps and I can say with certainty that I instantly loved each of them. I am thrilled and honored to have recorded with such wonderful musicians and I hope you will love this album!

Black Mountain Rag I have no recollection of where I got this version but I love to play this tune! It is in the tuning AEAC#. Side note: the first version I knew of this tune is a very unique and obscure version that I learned from my friend Joe Dawson of Bloomington, Indiana (1928-2012). I once played Joe’s version at the Indiana State Fair Fiddle Contest. In a tie-breaker playoff I won second prize! I brought the plaque to Joe’s house the following week at his regular Thursday night jam. I told him I won second place playing his version of the Black Mountain Rag to which he replied (in good fun) “well you must have not played it right!” Ha! I’m sure he was right on that one! I’m joined here by Travis Stuart, banjo, Thom Worm, banjo, Kevin Samuels, guitar, and Adam Smith, washtub bass.

Sail Away Ladies This is a tune that I have absorbed along the way at fiddler’s conventions. It’s such a sweet melody that comes from J.P. Fraley of Kentucky. I tend to vary the melody quite bit, but hope I keep the spirit of the tune. I’m joined by Travis, Kevin, and Joanne Davidson on bass.

Johnny Court The Widow This is a tune that I admired from afar for a long time. Everyone told me “go listen to the Stuart Brothers play this”. They were not wrong, what a sound! This is in GDAD tuning. I could play this one for days but we cut it off at 4:27. :). Travis, banjo, Thom, banjo, Kevin, guitar, Adam, washtub bass.

Westphalia Waltz I learned this from the playing of my friend Steve Dickey of Paoli, Indiana. When researching this tune, I learned that it may have originally been a Polish folk song (there is a documentary about the origins of this tune). I love that because my paternal grandfather’s family was from Poland and my last name is traditionally spelled Przybysz.

Tennessee Wagoner This is a version from Joe Dawson. Joe’s tunes are so unique and unlike anything else. Joe did not play this one very often at his weekly jams, but nonetheless it is a gem. I did my best to keep true to his version and adore Thom’s accompaniment on the banjo.

Darling Honey This tune is from Fiddlin’ Arthur Smith. I first heard it from fiddlin’ friend Chris McGrath of Virginia. Thom, banjo, Travis, banjo, Kevin, guitar, Adam, washtub bass.

Old Coon Dog What a pretty tune. I’d like to think nobody loves dogs more than me. Travis, banjo.