Jude Odell and Deb Shebish met 10 years ago and have had many musical adventures performing concerts, festivals, for dances, and busking on the street-one of their favorite passtimes on a summer’s evening.  The energy they bring to old-time, jug band and blues draw you in and they can’t wait to travel more with their music.

Growing up in East Tennessee, Jude found a wealth of culture in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains surrounding her town.  Out of high school, she moved to the country and began learning dance, music, and folk craft traditions from long-time residents.   Various states, various dance groups, various bands later, she now lives in Indianapolis and makes her living as a visual artist.  Singing, playing clawhammer banjo and tenor guitar, she shares her Appalachian Mt. music, old southern jugband blues, and other related Americana with those who love the sound of American culture at the Indiana State Fair, festivals, concerts, local bars, parties, and parks.  She has performed all over the US, in Thailand and Tanzania.

Deb dove into traditional music in Bloomington, Indiana 20 years ago.  She has performed and traveled extensively, always learning from the musicians she meets.  Deb was fortunate to spend many years playing music with Joe Dawson, a master fiddler from Indiana, at the weekly jam in his living room in Bloomington.  She learned many of Joe’s uniquely Indiana tunes and hopes to carry his tradition on.  Deb has performed in Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Hungary, Canada, and all over the US.